Machine Bargains

I still have some machines left, many are floor models, all have full warranty.

Designer Diamond Royale - 1
Designer Topaz 50 - 1
Designer Topaz 20 - 1
HV H/Class 100 (15lb. travel machine) - 1
H/Class E20 -1
Singer 9960 - 1

Designer Topaz


This website will be closed in the near future so make a note of the new email address provided for customers.

New mail Address for my Customers

A new email address has been set up for the wonderful customers on my email list. For those of you who do not receive my emails, here is the new address:

This site will be closed shortly so make a note of this email address for future reference.
So Let's Sew is going in a New Direction.

As most of you know I closed the store the end of February. It was a very difficult decision. I miss all of you and the great times we had. 

But it's over and I am beginning a new but related venture. I kept the floor model longarm quilting machine and the Epic embroidery/sewing machine. I will be putting these to good use doing:

                    Longarm Quilting - Meander/Stipple; Edge-to-Edge; Custom
                    Machine Embroidery - Quilt Labels; Towel Sets; Monograms; Embroidered Quilt Blocks

                    Private Lessons - Machine Sewing; Machine Embroidery; Longer Certification

                    Rental of Longarm Machine on Quilt Frame

I am sending this announcement to all of my email database from the store before I place other advertisements in order to allow you to get your quilts in the line-up for quilting or to get yourself on the schedule to use the machine yourself to quilt your own quilt or to request private instruction.

I am very excited about this venture and I hope you will be also. Freed from the book keeping, sample making, inventory maintenance etc. I have been able to really enjoy practicing on the longarm.


Thread , Thread and More Thread

Robison Anton

Tons of colors. Tell me what you need and we'll make a deal.


New Calendar - Under Construction

Longarm Certification

LongArm Quilter Training can be scheduled at your convenience. It takes approximatel five hours to complete. Once you complete this class, you will be able to rent the longarm/quilt frame to quilt your projects. It's easy, fast and very rewarding. Rental fee is $16/hour ($20/hour if you want me stay with you while you quilt)
The fee is $75.00